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Dried food snacks


Our dried food snacks include some of your favourites such as Rice Crackers, Dried Noodles & other dried Fruits & Nuts.
Our dried mix is conveniently packaged in various sized resalable plastic bags.
As an option to fresh fruit the variety available is healthier, cost competitive and convenient to the vending machine alternatives.

Perfect for your desk draw, bag, and snack for when you are on the move. Add some bagged snacks to your meetings, conferences & special events.

Simply order your request when you need them and we will deliver with your regular order.


We can supply a range of fruit juices for your office


Golden Circle Classic Juice 350ml bottles. Apple, Apple Blackcurrant, Apple Mango Banana, Orange, Tropical, Pineapple.

Daily juice 2lt bottles, 100% juice pulp free


Drop us an e-mail enquiry for prices and delivery.